Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet our neighbors

Since the winds have died down, there are no more shows of diving eagles.
So, I went kayaking out Mill Bay on Tuesday, at about 9 PM.

From across the bay I saw a different shape to the rocks than I was used to seeing.
So I crossed the bay and paddled closer.

It's easy for something to stand out,
when there is something 3 extra feet on top of the horizon

Thought I recognized our neighbors.

Yes, it was them, sunning themselves on a rock.

They're the couple that nest on a tree behind our house.

But this year they're using a nest about 4 blocks away.
They like to fly to the tip of Spruce Cape, about a mile away,
and catch the sea breezes.
Usually they're at the land's edge.
But today it was so warm that they were on a rock in the middle of the water

They didn't seem to mind as I kayaked close.
So, I stayed there for about 15 minutes, paddling around them.

Meanwhile, the seal we saw on a recent blog,
swam between me and them...
for about 75 yards, with it's head above the water.
No doubt, making sure that I was not a threat.

Unfortunate, batteries just love to quit when you need them most!


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