Friday, June 15, 2012

More tide pooling

Here are some of the underwater sea life off Ft Abercromby, seen during low tide.
Since I had forgotten my polarizing filter, I increased the contrast and decreased the brightness on the image to make them appear like they looked in real life.
Hope you can appreciate them.

Here are some of the animals I specially like: Sea Anemones.
Yes, sea anemones are animals, not plants.
Check them out at :

 Some of the guys have tentacles containing a clear liquid like center....

and a series of colored lines running perpendicular to the tentacles.
The clear tentacles are beautiful.

But....This is my favorite
With it's light green fronds, it is kind-of-like an alovera, but with soft, moving, flowing tentacles!
Wish I had taken a video!


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