Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cold Water

A very happy ending occurred after a grandfather and grandson went kayaking last week. Embarrassing, but happy.

A 60 year old grandpa and his 13 year old grandson were kayaking on Mission Beach when the current pulled their anchored kayak into an unstable position and flipped them over. Their attempts to remount their kayak were unsuccessful. 49 degree water can do that; you quickly get uncoordinated enough to fail at doing what you know you have to do.

Fortunately lots of folks heard their calls for help. Some called 911; other climbed in whatever boat was available and off they went to the rescue. And successful they were. The volunteers had them on shore by the time the Harbor Master's boat and the ambulance reached the beach.

What a memorable Father's Day that was! Hope yours was less eventful.

PS The Grandpa was NOT anyone you know.

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