Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to use up a long day in Alaska

So, what do you do when the days get long? Here's what we did last Sunday, about a week before the longest day of the year.

If you are lazy like me, you sleep past the 5:15 sunrise. Get up at 7 and load the kayak. Discover that the tide is out and you don't want to carry the kayak that far to the water. Check out the sealife at low tide: 4 inch clam shells, red starfish, red jelly-like invertebrates hanging from the under side of the rocks. Then walk out to the Kitywake rookery and watch those tiny sea gull like guys suddenly fly off together, about 100 at a time, and then return to their perch.

Then its time to go up Pillar mountain to see the "green-up" along 3 Sisters Mts. Time for lunch. Tide is coming in. Kayak out Mill bay. Play with big swells left over form Friday's storm.

Answer phone calls. Wash the cars, mow the lawn, eat dinner. Go to work to clean up stuff form the week end. Come home at 11:45 PM, with still enough daylight so cars are barely turning on their lights.

Close the black out curtains and try to get some sleep before daylight returns, around 4:30. Soon its time to get up and enjoy another day!

Summer mania is good!

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