Monday, June 14, 2010

The Green-up

People in the interior of Alaska get excited about the "Break-up" of the ice from the rivers.

We get excited about the "Green-up". That's when the mountains change to if a sheet was being pulled and the green shows up...marching up the side of the hills. The dramatic change seems to happen over a day. People who work in offices facing the hill say that if they look up at the mountains every 2 hours when it is happening, they can actually see the green has marched up the side of the landscape.

Here is a picture of Pillar Mt as one would see it form the side of downtown.

The others are form top of Pillar, looking towards 3 Sisters and White Sands Beach at the end of the road system. Once Summer arrives, we should have green to the top. And then the shade will change to a dark, deep green. That's why they call it the "Emerald Isle".

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