Saturday, June 12, 2010

Picnicking with the sea gulls

If you have nothing to do, take a 2 minute look at prior Monday's slide/video of our kayaking out to a bird island for a picnic with the gulls. Not bad for a mid day picnic.

On my pictures, note that the eggs and the baby bird's feathers have a similar color pattern. It must be good camouflage.

They say a male often return to mate with the same female. Seems birds are more faithful than mammals. And more nurturing. Both parents incubate the eggs.

When they fly off to eat and they spot another species’ eggs, they occasionally pick up a rock or shell and drop it form the air to crack the egg open. Then it is protein feast time.

So, next time a gull poops on your head, don’t get mad. Think of it as their target practice.

A busted gull egg.

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