Monday, October 22, 2012

As the rain falls.....

Recently we showed some close ups of rain drops after a strong Kodiak rain.
And we know you, in the lower 48, would certainly like a little rain.

So, today we thought we'd show some pictures, as you sit inside and look out our window.

You've seen this view many times on our blog.
Isn't it  relaxing to see the same scene through a rain-covered glass......kind-of-like a Renoir?

In the North Pacific, we don't let rain keep us form going outside and enjoying the view first hand . You just dress for it.

And, when it rains so hard that it obstructs your view, just watch the glass and enjoy the rain drops.

Cool !  Don't you agree?

To make that point, here are some pictures of the view from our trip on the ferry:

on a clear day,

as the clouds arrive,

as the fog blurs the meeting of the land and the sea,

and then gives a mysterious haze,

Till finally the rain comes, visibility drops, and we go inside,

and find that the drops on the glass have their own appeal.

Don't you not agree?

Hope a little rain brightens your day.


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