Thursday, October 25, 2012

Warning: this blog is not for the timid

If you are wondering how the bear on our recent blog got to be the Wal Mart greeter...... Well, it might have a story like the one in Tuesday's paper.

It seems we are having a lot of bears around our neighborhoods this year. They have seen one at the beach at Fort Abercrombie State Park , one of our favorite spots for a walk. And they have even had to warn the students at Kodiak College to be careful about a bear around campus.

When they repeatedly get too close, homeowners get worried and take action to prevent human casualty. The first step is to scare him away with noise or ask the State Troopers to encourage him to leave with the use of rubber bullets. If they keep coming back, lead is used.

A few years ago they had to shoot one when it went into the playground at the elementary school across from the College.

This, unfortunately is what happened earlier this week.

A beautiful 8 foot tall specimen was put down for getting too close to our neighbor's house. Trying to catch someone' chickens, to fatten up before hibernation,  cost this fellow his life.

Life in Kodiak is probably a little different from your place, I would assume. 


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