Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The longest Otter

Saturday's snow/rain melted and left a great Sunday with plenty of sunshine.

So, it was time to kayak out and see how the seals did out by the rocks on Mill May.

Unfortunately, the tide was coming in and the wind was a little brisk just outside the Spruce Cape. So I chickened out. There is a definite risk, that when the wave from the rising tide passes, you are likely to be balancing on top of a rock. You certainly don't want to topple over on all those those sharp edges.

So, I took a picture of the prior day's snow on the mountain behind the houses.

And off to the leeward side of the bay I went, expecting to see nothing exciting.
As is usual in Kodiak, though, that is when you see the most of nature.

Suddenly, I spotted a little motion and paddled in a little closer.
There was an otter.
It's not the same one we saw in the last few years.
It was the longest and skinniest otter!  It looked like a weasel!

Over and over it did the same thing. It would look  180 degrees around him,then dive into the water. But, never towards me. And it didn't always come up at the same spot. But it was not hard to know where he was. All you had to do was listen.

He'd come up, bang his clam on his chest for about 7 repetitive bangs, making  really loud sounds. Then he'd carry it to his mouth with his tiny hands, spinning it really, really fast, as he bit to crack it further.

Once successful, he'd look around to make sure all was safe, and dive for another clam.
Over and over he did the same thing.

Paddling very slowly and quietly every time he dove,
I was finally ready for my great picture.

Yes, you guessed it. I got inside his comfort  zone... and didn't get to see him again!

(Guess I should have known.....
he wasn't looking straight at me because he knew exactly where I was)


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