Thursday, October 11, 2012

St. Mary's Fish Fry !

Don't get me wrong, we love eating our fish.
And, I'd dare say, that most families have more than one freezer to keep their catch till next summer.

But, here are times when you just don't want to cook.

And that is when you really appreciate this sign:

That's because in the Fall and the Spring, St Mary's school has several fish frys on Fridays.

Yes, perfectly cooked, unlimited amount of fish !

Halibut is the usual. It is great.

But, when they have our local cod, it is our favorite! So good that it is almost sweet!

.........Nothing like Momma used to make, back in the lower 48.
Did you get those small wooden boxes of frozen "cod" at the grocery store? Only 59 cents.
I remember: EVERY Thursday, the smell of thawing Atlantic cod. And every Friday: overcooked fish. Guess she thought it should have the texture of a meat steak!

Thank you, St Mary's, for a great night out of the kitchen!


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