Friday, June 14, 2013

Fishing like the pros

Recently we told you about the Red salmon coming in
and how, if you acted quickly,  you could have the river all to yourself.

This guy was fishing the Pasagshak almost by himself, on Monday of this week

Well, at the Buskin river, those days of solo fishing are over.

A few days after that recent blog, everyone heard about the fish and they say it was "elbow to elbow" fishermen. Admittedly, in Kodiak that means a person every 20-30 yards at the  hottest spots. It is nothing like the crowds on the Kenai river!

So, we thought we should put some pictures of our real "pro" fishermen.
Maybe yo can learn a little form them.

 First, find your fish.

 You stand real still and concentrate.

Concentrate. Concentrate.
And at the right moment, make your move.

And follow through!

Be sure  to catch and not release.

Then land him on shore.

And put him away, while the other fishermen keep doing their job.

Then get ready for your next fish.

Find your fish, concentrate, concentrate, make your move and follow through!

There you have it.
That's how the Kodiak pros do it.

(PS Those are actually different Kodiak bears. We watched them fish over across the Shelikof Strait  at Geographic Point. But they sure seemed to know what they were doing. There were up to 33 bears around us that day at one time. The least we could  count at any instant was 17. Anyway, hope we taught you something about fishing.)


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