Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kodiak snakes

We have no scorpions, tarantulas, or wild boars here on the island.
And our mosquitoes are few and puny by Alaskan inland standards.
But, we'll show you what we do have.

No, this is not a scene form Indiana Jone's Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But it's as close as we get to snakes in Kodiak.

It's kelp.
To some it's just a  a seaweed. But to us it's what makes undersea forests for our otters to play in and to feed off the seashell animals that live among them

These things can get to be 20-30 or more feet long.
And we find them all bunched up at the beach after a storm.

They don't bother us there,

as you can see those dogs playing around them, 
while another watches and hopes to be invited to play....

.... except that they can be slippery to walk on.
And can grab your paddle with their large leaves, as you kayak through them in the water.
(But don't expect to see those fronds, 'cause the rough waves have shred them up before they reach the beach)

These guys attach themselves to rocks and barnacles
by the tentacles from their bulbs down to the seafloor.

like this old one did,

which has attached itself so well, that it brought with it the shell when pulled by the storm.

Well, there you have it. The closest things to snakes we have in Kodiak.

If you are a snakephobic, just remember they are not real.
They just kind of look like them.

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