Sunday, June 9, 2013

What else is at the beach?

When you go down to the beaches of Kodiak,
 what is there to see?

Yes, kelp like in yesterday's blog.
But you can see a little more if you pay attention
Like the skeleton of that kelp, when its fleshier portions withers away.

and other animals of the sea who've washed up on shore.

Kind on neat sponges, wouldn't you say?
Not like those synthetic ones in your mama's sink.

By the way....aren't you impressed how those old biologists were able to organize plants and animals in the old days? Did you really believe 40 years ago that sponges were animals? Well, looks lie those guys were smarter than me. Check out how right they were at:

Anyway, back to what we see on the beach.
There are also  "in-animate animals" here to see...

like this stranded white "Beluga Whale"

Or, how about this....

pre-historic alligator skull.

Interesting what you can see at the beach, isn't it?
If you have an active imagination.

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