Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moss under your feet

A long time ago, someone who had moved away form Kodiak, asked us to put some moss pictures.
He wanted to be reminded of his walks in our woods.

Well, we've been trying hard to get some pictures that give a real idea of what they are like,
or just how many varieties there are.

But it is very hard to photograph these things and show their texture

and how soft is is under your feet.

But,  since this is our last week in Kodiak, we have been making a concerted effort for the past few weeks to take some pics to accomplish this. Unfortunately, with no more time, this is as good as our efforts will get. It will have to do.

So get past whatever is preventing you from appreciating what's in front of you,

and take a walk with us into the woods.

Look at the just-sprouting lily pads in mid May,

and the trees' reflection in the ponds.

Then look at the moss-covered ground,

with everything that falls being covered,

and some fungi is there as well.

It grows on everything, whether big or small.

And watch it climb up among the living trees

 to create a canopy that'll make you think you are in a scene from a Hobbit movie.

We've heard there are over 110 varieties of moss in Kodiak.
And if you look carefully you'll see that a single tree might have
10 or perhaps many more species of moss,
each with a texture and shade of green that is beautiful just by itself

So, why not just take a plane or ferry and
come see for yourself how much prettier it is in real life.

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