Saturday, August 6, 2011

3rd Day through Canada

Day 2 in Canada had taken us form the Banff-Jasper National Parks, over the Continental Divide towards Prince George , British Columbia.

There is where the rains began.

And that's when we discovered we might have made a mistake in our plans:
the road from there to Dawson Creek had been washed out by rain!

We might have to travel back the way we came for 6 hours and catch a parallel road in Alberta heading north (on the east side of the Rockies!).

But luck came our way. The department of transportation declared that that night that there was a good chance they could guide us through, single file, with pilot cars, over temporary bridges that had been built over the last few days, and on the undestroyed portions of the road. So off we go, single file....through roads and bridges half intact... as the folks heading south wait for our caravan to pass on through.

Till, finally, we get a clear road while the oncoming traffic has been made to wait for our caravan to be guide through!

And so our leisurely 400 kilometer, 240 mile, 5 1/2 hr trip for the day has turned into a 12 hour trip!

And that is ow we arrived in Dawson Creek, about 1/3 the length of Canada. from south to north.

So, with a little celebration....

we are now in Dawson Creek, the official beginign of the Alaska Highway.......

looking forward to what tomorrow might bring:


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