Saturday, August 20, 2011

Up the Yukon, the end of our trip

So, we are coming to a close on our trip up the AlCan.
6,000 miles ftotal rom South Texas, 4,500 if we had gone straight.

Many ask us about the road conditions.
Aside from the rains washing out the roads, in British Columbia they had been as good as in the US.

But, as we enter the Yukon territories, things start to deteriorate.
And that is understandable.

Yukon has 186,000 miles, with only 34,000 people.
And 24,000 or more of those live in its capital city of Whitehorse.

Compare that to British Columbia:
346,000 square miles with 4.5 million people supporting those roads.

So as we approach Teslin, Yukon (population: 123) we lose the smoothness..... they try to fix the wear and tear of the permafrost.

.......and it costs a lot to fix roads so far from "nowhere".

So, this what the it looks like for the last part of our Canadian trip;

35 to 40 miles per hour is our top speed.....

You'd better put on shocks before you hit this road!

But, as we approach the AK border.....
...the roads improve!

And finally...... we are home!

Where the roads are again as smooth as glass....

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