Sunday, August 21, 2011

The end of summer came quite early

What is this a picture of?

A very sad moment, indeed.

It's the kayaks being stored in the house's crawl space, during the first week of August.

No, it's not because the weather is bad. It has been the sunniest we have seen Kodiak.

And September is just around the corner, darned!
That's when the luminescent algae bloom in the bays.
Every stroke of the paddle gives a light show as you travel down away form the city lights at night.

No, not for us this year.

And, as you might have noticed, not many "action" pictures this Summer.

That's because yours truly got a little too brave and tried to see just how steep the canyon of the Snake River was at Yellowstone. A slip on those darned dry pebbles and down I went.

The camera did well, but not the shoulder.

That has meant lots of limitation in physical activity.
And, soon it'll be time to go "under the knife".

So, for 6 weeks or so, we'll be out of all activity.

Maybe we'll put up a few pictures form the past; but no new hikes for a while.

The time has come to say, "Adios" for now.

So, our advise to you has changed a little:

Still, we say, ....

"Get out and do something....
...............but watch where you place your feet!"

Hasta la vista, explorers!

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