Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4th Day Through Canada

Sorry if the pics of the trip up the AlCan are coming on the blog quite slow.

But we are in Kodiak, and when it is summertime,
there are a lot of things to do besides load pics on the blog.
That's just the way it is.

But here are some pics of the day after the rain delays.

Through dirty window we see a lake:

As we approach, it gets prettier and prettier.
We make a stop, and this is what we see:
reflections everywhere!

Looking to the left, its a mirror of the mountain,

....looking like a painting of a fish, wouldn't you say?
And a bird flies by,
.... making it look like 2 dancers in perfect harmony.

Look right, and there's our road at the water's edge,

while the gull flies by, to give a show.

} catch(e) {}" href="">
Does that not lower yesterday's blood pressure?

But, the wind comes up,destroys our mirage
and reminds us that we have miles to go before we stop!

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