Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eagle Glutony

Recently we've heard lots of comments about NJ's Governor Christy's weight problem. A Doctor from Arizona who doesn't know him (but has been the Doctor for several Presidents) has said she is worried he might die.

Well, that ties in with our blog a few days ago, about dozens of eagles "feasting" on bait left out on a fishing deck during the Super Bowl game.

Eagles and humans seem to have a common problem:
we don't know when it's time to quit.

As I approached the boat in that blog, I saw an eagle  floating in the water.  That is really unusual. Eagles are NOT like pelicans. They dont like floating on water.

Within a few seconds that the eagle took up flight and went right over my head....

so fast that I couldn't focus in!

But this wan't the only one!

Two others were in the water nearby!

And these couldn't get airnorne!

So across the water he swam...
till he got to the red bumper on the other side
and used it to climb onto the dock!

As the umber in the water continued to increase, I found out what the problem was:

These guys had stomachs too full to fly!

Off the boat decks they'd flap their wings, but fail to get enough height to clear the side of the boat next to them.

With a loud "thump" they'd hit the next boat's side,
and into the water they tumbled!

Didn't matter if they were young or old:

I saw 6 in the water at one time. Another fellow said he counted 8.

They made a beautiful breast stroke, though, as they approached the dock.

There they tried to grab a line or rope with their claws and boost themselves enough to climb the dock and then fly off.

Not all seemed to be successful. We thought about getting a broom and letting him get a good footing on the straw, enough to climb on and then fly off. Of course, someone brought up that their claws could really hurt us. So we stood wondering whate to do.

But this guy had a simpler idea:

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.
(But we sure felt like fools to see how easy it was to get him on the dock!)


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