Sunday, February 24, 2013

Careful on your walk !

We told you many of our bears don't hibernate in winter. And this has been a MILD one!

Maybe that's why those deer looked so healthy last weekend.

And it is probably why this Sow and Cub have been seen at the mouth of the Buskin River and at Gibson cove.

Here's what the The Kodiak Daily Mirror newspaper said next to their pictures:

The Buskin river is a favorite fishing spot from late Spring to Fall. People are used to seeing bears close to them as they fish. And as long as there are lots of fish, the bears will leave you alone.

Gibson cove is about a mile away from the mouth of the river, towards town. Both are great places to walk along the shore and explore life at low tide all year long. They are not places we associate with bear presence.

But, there are few things worse than a mad Mama Bear.

So, for our family's sake, it might be a good idea to make those areas off limits until that family tires of it.

PS The natives tell you to "Respect the bear".  For those who don't quite get their meaning, it's a nice way of saying: "Keep out of their way, dummy".


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