Thursday, February 7, 2013

What where you doing during the Super Bowl ?

Kodiak likes football...if its the the Seattle Sehawks or the Green Bay Packers. Otherwise, many go for a hike or run their errands instead of being glued to the "tube".

So, this past Sunday we headed out to Sutliff's hardware store down by the marina, just before closing time.

The number of eagles in the marina surprised so. So we walked down to check it out.

Lots of eagles centered around this fishing boat. We wandered closer.

Something was sure attracting big birds to that deck!

...and it was worth fighting for!

It turns out that the crew had gone to town to watch the game,
but, must have not thought of covering the next  trip's bait.


So, while the crew's away, the birds did feast.

And we got to watch the Supper Bowl, instead of the Super Bowl.


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