Monday, February 4, 2013

February at the canneries

February is the time when it seems like half the island's bald eagles come to visit cannery row.

We've heard that there are about 600 pairs of on the entire island (at 3,595.09 sq miles, it is the second largest island in the US, after the Big Island of Hawaii; and the 80th largest island in the world).

For most of the year, they tend to stay within 5 miles form their nests. We see them continuously all year long.

But, at this time of the year (since the salmon are gone form the rivers), they come to smooch what they can get off the canneires' ocean fishing fleet  winter's catch. Within one block form the waterfront, you can see hundreds of them.... nearly half the total, I'd say.

These are just a few from last week.

That's our National Bird. We'll talk more about them in the next few blogs.


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