Friday, March 15, 2013

Going down the road ( or....what you will soon forget)

Here's our plan for travelling the AK Highway:
just cruise along under the March sun,
500 miles, hopefully in 10 hours per day.

But as you'd expect, there will be challenges:

No, those are not pork rinds we put in a Coke bottle to pass away hours of boredom.
It is a frozen Coke left in the car. And this is why:

It's -20 degrees.
Fortunately, it is in Centigrade.
In Fahrenheit, it can look a lot more "warm and toasty".
 (and........ for those who must know, 0 degree F is -18 C)

Then there is the question of your speed.
In the rough roads of the Yukon, speed limits can be 60 kph.
Not too bad you say.
Well, that's in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.
That's only 36 MPH.
Makes you think you'll never reach your 500 miles today.
But they'll speed up and you'll learn to calculate the 6X multiplication tables real quick:
70 is 42, 80 is 48, 90 is 64, etc, etc,etc.
And when you get past Dawson Creek,
you can speed right along at 100 kph.....yes, at 62 miles per hour!
....if the road were not covered with slushy snow!

And , as you'd expect,visibility can be affected....

Those are two 18 wheelers just in front of you;
one heading towards you and one away.

And as they pass, the spraying snow will make them disappear.

Yes, there is a "cloaked"  18 wheeler the distance of one telephone pole ahead of you.

But in the end, you will drive at least 400 miles, even if it is a long long day.

And you'll be happy to pay over $ 100 Canadian per night in a motel you might pass by in the lower 48.

And yes, you'll be happy to pay big bucks for your gas,
'cause you might not pass another car for up to an hour, or two.

So while $ 1.13 per liter seemed a little high in Whitehorse, Yukon, you'll find an open station at the Toad River for 1.60 and will gladly fill her up! $ 6.40 Canadian $ per gallon that is.

But, look at the good side: when you reach the US border,
you will appreciate just how cheap $ 3.09 US dollar per gallon can seem!

And in the end, you will proudly say:
"Yes,  I  traveled the Alaskan Highway in Winter!"

and you will show off your wonderful pics
and forget all the stuff above.


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