Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The eagles' conclave

I passed by Mission Lake Saturday and saw a bunch of eagles standing on the lake ice.

It seemed strange. We rarely see them like that.

I noticed there was a whole in the ice. Were they fishing through the ice hole?
Doubt it. They are not sea birds.
So I figured they found  some bait left by an ice fisherman,
or maybe caught some unlucky mammal crossing the ice.

Then I noticed, there were two groups; three birds were off form the rest .
Were they outcasts?

I decided to walk around and watch.
Any way, one of the juveniles flies over to the big group.

And what a rokus his arrival caused !

Made me think he came in saying,
"You know, one mammal isn't enough to feed all of us.
So I'm going to take all I can..... and to heck with  your pecking order!"


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