Sunday, March 17, 2013

Taking a little rest from a long car ride

When you cross from the Yukon Territory to British Columbia on AK Highway trip,
you will be near Watson Lake.
You won't be half way through your trip.
You'll be nearly 1,000 miles form Anchorage, AK
and 1,500 miles form the Montana border.

For those who must know all,
what is officially called the Alaska Highway is nearly 1,400 miles long
and it actually doesn't begin till Dawson Creek, Canada.
That's another 1,000 miles north of  Montana, on regular Canadian roads.
So the trip form the US to Anchorage, is about 2,500 miles total.

By Watson Lake you will be ready to look at other things besides the view off the road.
You won't find a theater or a mall to walk around.
But you will find the "Signpost Forest".

We recommend you get out of your car and stretch your legs as you look around.

You can find car license plates form any state and many countries.

And... if you happen to have been a teenage "street sign kleptomaniac" ,
here is chance to bring your signs out of hiding in your garage,
and proudly hang them up for others to see!

Donating them here might prevent some embarrassing questions form your kids as to how you got them years ago in the first place.


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