Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sorry our last two blogs did not load. That is what happens when your are on the road and have poor Internet reception.

But we did make the 4,300 mile trip from the Whittier ferry almost down to the Mexican border in 7 days. That was over 600 miles per day.

The weather got bad at Dawson Creek with snow, slush, and even poorer visibility. We discovered that ABS breaks can make a horrible sound for a real long time before they stop you. But they did eventually work and there were no cars in the middle of the intersection by the time we got there!

We did have one MAJOR problem: the electric outlet to our espresso maker died outside of Whitehorse and there was NO expresso to be found till Edmonton. The good thing was that the Canadian McDonalds even have little cups for God's special survival gear! Americans should learn from them.

Well ...... The snow disappeared as we crossed the border to the US and the speed limits were 75 mph. That is where we "upped" our  average speed.

Thought you might be interested in gas prices.

The $ 6.40 per gallon of gasoline went back down to 4.80 in Edmonton.

As we crossed into Montana ( which by the way has NO sales taxes) prices went down to as low as $ 3.06 per gallon. Yes, that number is correct. They stayed low in Wyoming where we paid 3.19 and  3.29.

The moment we crossed the border to Colorado they rose to a minimum of 3.59 they stayed about the same in New Mexico and Texas, where we paid up to 3.79. But we did pass a station which wanted 3.99!

We are also conerned about the cost of diesel because that is what we will be driving bac instead of a regular gas car. We noticed that in Canada diesel is as little as 5 cents more per gallon than gas. But in the Us it is at least 40 cents more and as much as 99 cents more per gallon. There goes the savings of  diesel ' s greater mpg!

We will return to AK starting the day after Easter and plan a more leisurely trip of up to 4 weeks. We see I the Internet that temps have risen often to almost 40 during the day along those northern Canadian towns. And that is what the locals told us we would see..... Great weather for traveling. Lets just hope there is no ice on the roads!

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