Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guess who's coming to town?

You'd think being in an island in the North Pacific would put you in limbo as far as personally seeing world famous artists.

But no, Arlos Guthrie was here last Tuesday and drew a full crowd.

Tito Puente, Jr came and worked with our High Schools' jaz group last year.

And Pit Bull came here after taking a challenge about going to whatever Walmart store's Facebook Friends wanted him to visit the most.

That's variety.

Now, David Harris is here working with our Isle Bells.

They say he's a hardcore professional and one of the best bell conductors in the world.....
makes bells sound like other instruments.

They celebrated with the Russian Orthodox their Easter last weekend.

According to the paper: Turns out our group's director heard and met him near Boston, dropped him an E-mail, and he said he'd be happy to come.

Yes, there are some advantages of living in the middle of nowhere ....
if it happens to be a place everyone would like to visit.


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