Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yes, these were taken on May 4th

No, this is not the same picture we put in a few weeks ago.

It's been like this every Saturday for the past 3 weeks.

Yes, it's 34 degrees, but it is still snowing.

It will affect us. Here is what Kodiak will be doing in the snow today:

1) The Zombie run, where where people run through Ft Abercrombie while Zombies jump from behind the trees and try to take the runners' flags from them. The one who first makes it to the finish line with his flag wins.

2) Hope Enterprises is sponsoring a more traditional run for charity.

3) The school is sponsoring a track and field day with schools coming to race from other parts of Alaska.

4) And today is the Community Clean Up Day, where people are scheduled to clean up the city and borough streets as part of a Spring Clean Up....

All this in the snow

But there are 3 facts that give us hope:

1)  These snows we are having seem to only occur on Saturday.

2)  And these snow melts by 4 PM.

3)  But most important...this is Russian Orthodox Easter. It ALWAYS snows on Easter weekend.

I guess the god-of-weather decided to celebrate Easter with the Russians this year.

Hopefully winter is out of its system.

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