Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sunday, we're off to 3 lakes

Our last week of April's walk was off Bell's Flats....starting from the gravel quarry.

Off to three lakes we went.

If you go, you'll have the pleasure of our typical soft moss.

Due to the elevation, it's not yet as green like as Ft A, but equally as cushy on your feet.

Remember, though, this is prime bear country, so keep your eyes watching around you.

We didn't notice this guy, just his fresh tracks.
Fortunately,  he had gone in the opposite direction from us. 
So we continued onward.

Within about 1/2 mile, you'll be at the first lake.

Just pose, and smile.

By the time you go around this one, you'll see the next lake.

So, pose and smile once again.
' Cause, this panorama is all around you:

Now, at 44 degrees, you might not want to go down to your swimsuit and jump in the water.

But, the folks we were with told us, that as kids in the summer, they'd ride their horses up here, ride them into the lake, and jump off their backs into the water. Then watch the horses swim to the shore, where the horses would just wait for them. 

That's the type of fun kids have here. But, there are things to do and see that keep all ages happy. 

Now, imagine taking this walk in the first 2 weeks of June, when the new green grass has replaced the brown, and the snow still crowns the mountain tops. Prettier than the scenes from The Sounds of Music movie.


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