Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why so many blogs?

As you might have noticed, we have been putting in a lot of blogs. In fact, I think we did 27 in April. No, we have not gone crazy.

It is just that our time in Kodiak is coming to an end. After 6 years, it is time to head down to the Lower 48. Only 6 more weeks remain for us here.

So, every time we have been out on a walk, our camera has gone with us. And a few pics are thrown into the blog.

Hope you don't mind. But then, you have the power to just ignore them.

We, on the other hand are trying to remember every detail. So, in go the pictures.

If you are lucky enough to be moving here, congratulations.

But if you are not, we are sure there are wonderful places close to you. May you go out and enjoy them. And, who knows, someday we might be the people you pass on a trail somewhere! We'd sure like to know what there is to see near you.

In the meanwhile we'll put in some more Kodiak pictures, till it is time to pack up and head out on the ferry......right about "The Green-up" in early to mid June, and Kodiak turns into the Emerald Island.


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Peg said...

I started following your blog a few months ago, when I found out my husband and I will be moving to Kodiak in June. I've really enjoyed getting to know more about Kodiak through your blog. I hope we enjoy our time in there as much as you and your family has. - I plan to walk in your shoes on some of those hikes and outdoor activities you've shared. Thanks and best of luck on your move back down!