Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking the dog for a walk.

Some evenings after work, you take the dog on a walk
and wonder if it's really worth it.

Like, last Thursday at 9 PM:
The clouds were low, hid the mountain, and made things look colorless,
as we started our walk to Spruce Cape.

After playing in the beach we head back home
and noticed the clouds had started to disperse. 

And if you looked under the clouds you'd see that 
the colors from the Southwest had come to visit Kodiak.

As we continue our stroll, we stop to watch
as a giant hole that has opened up in the clouds, and blue skies appear.

So we sit and watch as other walkers pass us by.
Meanwhile, the bright yellow setting sun shines through,

and makes us wonder if we are in the 50th instead of the 49th State!

I guess walks are why we have dogs after all,

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