Monday, January 23, 2012

Wife stops moose stomping with shovel.

Here ia a good Alaska story.

Fortunately, we have no moose on the island.

But, this is where we are going to see the beginning of the Iditarod!

By LISA DEMER Published: 01/23/12 06:09:57

An agitated moose ran down and stomped a well-known Bush pilot from Willow, but he was saved when his wife grabbed a shovel from their pickup truck and whacked the big animal until it backed off.

George Murphy, 82, and his wife, Dorothea Taylor, 85, told the story of their recent moose encounter Sunday afternoon from Murphy's hospital room in Anchorage, where he is recovering from gashes to his head and left leg as well as seven broken ribs.

It is really worth reading the full story online at:

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