Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big waves on a cold day.

A scene you'll often find in Kodiak is people stopping at Mill Bay whenever storm comes up.

Here's what I saw last week. It was 20 degrees and windy. In fact, just a few minutes taking pictures made my fingers colder than they have ever been. I apologize for not zooming the pics the same size. But avoiding frostbite seemed like a good idea at the moment.

For comparison, let me show you a picture form last Fall: Two Coast Guard helicopters practicing rescues off the tip of Spruce cape.
I want you to notice is that the cliff is over twice the heigth of those helicopters.

Compare that to last weekend's waves (taken with a lot less zoom).

The spray seems as high as that cliff, 2 helicopters high....
but that wave was much further out to sea!

And...if you look North....
the other end of Mill Bay doesn't look any more inviting to a boater.

Check out our video of the waves:

20 degree air, 30 mph winds, and 37 degree water.
Can you imagine falling from a boat in those waters?
You have five minutes to say your prayers!

PS We're not planning on taking out the kayaks for a while.

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