Sunday, January 8, 2012

Merry January Chirstmas !

Yes, it is Christmas in January.

Not because the snow came, but because it is Christmas.

At least, it is for the Russian Orthodox. They follow the Julian (eg Julius Caesar) calendar instead of the Roman Catholic corrections to that calendar by Pope Gregory.
(Everyone else in the Western world follows the Gregorian calendar.)

But in any case, yesterday was their Christmas Day. And with the snow, it sure felt like it.

To celebrate, we took a walk behind the house. It started as a gray soupy type of day. But by the end of the walk, the blue skies were coming out.

And to commemorate their day, we took a pic of the Orthodox Church...and one of the eagles by their trees as it checked us out.

See the video at:

And just think, we have another New Year's to celebrate with our Orthodox friends!

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