Friday, January 20, 2012

Train them early, and they will learn!

In Kodiak, many eat what they hunt or fish. Many subsist on it. We've know teenagers who have not had beef at home for years.

Needless to say, their training must start young. At the shooting range I can tell you that some kids just above 10 years of age have knocked down five plate by the time I am still aiming at my third.

So here is the lead story in our newspaper earlier this week:

KODIAK — The amazing thing isn’t that 15-year-old Stephanie Blondin won this year’s Eric Lochman Big Buck Contest, beating hunters many times her age.

It’s that she’s done it twice.

In 2006, Blondin won the contest as a 10-year-old, just four years removed from shooting her first Sitka blacktail on Kodiak Island. This year, she proved the win was no fluke by repeating her top honors, defeating 65 other competitors.

“She smoked everybody here,” announced Jesse Glamann of Mack’s Sport Shop, which sponsored the contest. “It was really close until we got to No. 1.”

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