Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday before the snows

Yesterday I went to the marina to snap a pic or two of the ice and boats.

I was supposed to fly out this morning, But, it dumped snow on us last night. Enough for me not be able to catch the plane. So I stayed home and had time to play with pics, as I waited.

As I was watching a sea lion come out between the ice,
suddenly I heard something close over my head.

A parade of eagles flew over me. Over twenty, it seemed. Suddenly form the canneries, over the water, they came to the parking lot where I was.

Turns out a fellow threw some food out to the ravens and
the eagles must have noticed from over a quarter mile away.

So, they came to watch, hoping for their chance
of a little meal in the 20 degree cold day.

And one landed close enough for me to take my best picture of the day.

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