Monday, January 2, 2012

Cold water

For those who thought the New Year's Swim pics looked like are some more pictures taken that afternoon, at the end of peninsula from the swimming pictures.

That ice on the rocks makes it look a heck of a lot colder.

And this is the view of the houses and mountain that were behind those swimmers.

38 degree water and getting colder...
usually down to 33-34 in February.

Anyway, someone asked if it wasn't warmer in 38 degree water than in 20 degree with wind blowing on you. That is a question I will have to pose to some of those who got their whole body submerged in the water.

All I can do is quote one of the Coast Guard rescue swimmers on the
"Coast Guard Alaska" TV show:
"The water is so cold that even your teeth hurt".

I hear that other divers made fun of that comment.

But I think that quote will come back into my head whenever I take out my kayak when Spring approaches!

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