Sunday, July 5, 2009

Enjoyable Hike Today

Today Carlos and I took a great hike out near the US Coast Guard Base. It was called Old Woman's and after the hike I began to feel that way. It was uphill almost the entire trip so we stopped frequently and took some great shots of the city below us. Of course this also helps get your breath back a little as well.

Once we reached the end of the trek we located the lake. As you can see, it's a lovely area of water and yes, that is snow around the perimeter. While we were sitting there a family passed us and went down for a swim. We watched them play in the water while one of the boys was throwing snowballs at the swimmers. Only in Kodiak!

The day was extremely warm. I was sweating much of the way up the mountain but I'm sure it was because we went in the middle of the day. We learned later that the temperatures almost reached 80 degrees! No wonder it was so unbearable! At least we both remembered to wear our hats.

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