Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks in a small town

Fireworks in a small town are an event that many want to enjoy. It's an evening filled with activity. Everyone goes downtown to view the big event.

Kodiak is no different except that the city's official  fireworks display was at midnight, the beginning of July 4th. It was almost dark by that time and the skies were clear. The display was beautiful. We left the house 20 minutes before the beginning and found a parking place overlooking the marina. Carlos set up his tripod and enjoyed the show. After the presentation, the traffic was backed up and it took us an entire 15 minutes to drive home. Traffic jams are terrible!

Of course the fireworks didn't begin or end with the city's show. We have been watching them from our house for the past week and they will probably continue until the store closes its doors when the inventory is depleted. Actually, the show outside our windows is rather spectacular. Mill Bay is a favorite place for the amateur pyrotechnicians. There are no rules set by the borough and we don't have any fire restrictions. The down side is that on July 4th the beach presentation didn't end outside our house until 2:45 am. I thought they'd never leave.

After hearing a number of extremely loud booms, we learned one added feature. We have 2 cannons on the island that someone takes to the beach and fires. No balls are shot but the noise is enough to shake our windows.  Fortunately, since it takes 20 minutes to mix the powder and reload the cannons, they only fire it a couple of times each day.

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