Friday, July 24, 2009

Kayaking on Tuesday

This is what you missed Tuesday by not being here for my kayaking trip...sea gulls, ducks, puffins, oyster catchers, cormorants, seals and sea otters.

Those cormorants act just like teenagers...when one looks to the right, they all turn to the right.

Seals are interesting because they determine a distance they want to be from you and if you get any closer they go underwater and show up farther away. The ones Tuesday liked to stay about 100 feet from me. One day there were 3 of them near the rocks that let me get 12 feet from them before swimming away. I guess there were a lot of fish near the rocks.

The sea otter yesterday stayed about 60 feet away. After he went underwater he would bounce up and down until I saw him or he would lay on his back and clap his flippers until I located him again.

Until our next adventure...

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