Sunday, July 26, 2009

A typical weekend...

All day Saturday Carlos and I had to spend time indoors. The rain was coming down heavily and the winds were up to 50 mph. At least our repaired windows didn't leak. We've been working on them for 2 years and I think we've finally won.

Sunday, however, was a different type of weather. The sun came out again and the winds were very mild. We took a relatively easy hike with our friends. It was only about 1.5 miles each way. The salmonberries were ripening on all the bushes so we had plenty of fruit snacks along the way. We did have to stay on the lookout for bears though. We know that a couple live in this area. As a result, you'll notice in the photo that the guys brought their guns along with them. Again, only in Alaska can you see guys taking a hike and carrying their rifle.

After the hike we came home to do a few minor things and then we were off again. We both wanted to see what the sea lions were doing. We hurried and put the kayak in the back of the van and took off to the marina. Just a short paddle away we found about 15 sea lions resting on their permanent pier. There is always at least one that stands guard while the others rest and sleep. We did see one baby. It was probably only about 200 pounds....just a little thing. The adult males weight about 1200# and reach 10 feet in length. Needless to say, we didn't paddle too close when they started noticing us, but we did get within 50 feet. We managed to return home before the next storm arrived. It is supposed to have 40-50 knot winds (46-48 mph) again. Just like the sea lions, we had to get outside and enjoy the nice weather while it lasted.

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Huong said...

Everyday is a new interesting story... I totally Love it!!!