Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picking Salmonberries

This year the weather has been supportive to the salmonberry season. The fruit is appearing on almost all the bushes around town. You see people picking them along the streets and their hiking trails. They have the texture similar to blackberries and taste somewhat like raspberries but more dilute. When thoroughly ripened they have a tremendous amount of juiciness and can help when you are really thirsty.

For the last couple of nights Carlos and I have hiked a mile along a trail to get to a grove of bushes. We have collected a little over 3 quart sized bags full and plan on learning to make salmonberry jam this next month.

You remember the part in the movie "Forrest Gump" when Bubba talked about all the different ways to cook shrimp? Well, here in Kodiak we'll have salmonberry jam, salmonberry jelly, salmonberry muffins, salmonberries over cereal, salmonberry with whipped topping, etc., etc, etc.

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