Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tropical plants in Kodiak

Who would have thought that we would see tropical plants this far north? I think it was Alaska Magazine that talked about 5 palm trees that were brought up to Sitka by someone 10-15 years ago About 3 of then are still alive. True, they are located between 2 buildings so they are protected and they are further south, so their temperature does not go much below freezing

But I was surprised to learn about the wild orchid that grows only in Kodiak. I talked about it on a prior blog but lost the picture of it. I finally found it so here is it. People have tried to transplant it to grow further south and have reportedly failed to keep it alive. Here is a link talking about it for those who think I am. kidding, Click here.

But can you imagine my surprise when last weekend during our hike I found wild cotton growing alongside the trail? As a South Texas boy I had to get on my knees to examine it closer. I might have come all the way to Alaska, but I think I am still a "cotton-picking Mexican".

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