Saturday, July 25, 2009

A new store in Kodiak

Whenever there is a new store to open in Kodiak, the entire town tries to support it. As we wrote before, the opening of the Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken resulted in long lines of people waiting. As of now, almost a year later, you can still see cars lined up in the drive-up lane daily. It appears that people seem to enjoy the "fast food" concept in Alaska as well.

Now we have "A Sweet Escape", a new ice cream parlor in Kodiak. It opened last month. People are trying to forget the fact that it is in the same building as the old pet store. I spoke with one of the employees tonight and he stated that they spent 3 weeks with just "clean-up". It seemed worth it. The store smelled nice (that's a positive) and it looked really clean.

Now, an ice cream store in Alaska might seem a little out of place but right now it is certainly becoming popular. Our recent heat wave (over a week of temperatures near 70 degrees) really helped their business. In fact, they had to close for a couple of days when they ran out of ice cream. They had to wait for the next shipment to be flown into town.

As for service, when we were served this evening, the single scoop was bigger than most double scoops and the cost was only $2.50. Now, we don't have the fancy waffle cones that you might have in the lower 48 but the store bought cones were fresh. They even have a variety of toppings if you want and some brownies and rice krispie treats. What more could we need?

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