Friday, July 3, 2009

Living in a small town...

You know you're living in a small town when...

1. You need to use the restroom at an office and they tell you that theirs is out of order but the office next door always leaves the key from under the trash can in the common hallway for times like this.

2. You tell the plumber to come any time. If we're not there we'll leave the back door unlocked for you, but if we forget, use the side door. We never lock it.

3. You go kayaking at 9 pm and run into friends fishing from their canoe. You run to Walmart before the 10 pm closing and there they are in the parking lot. You then make a run to Safeway for an 11 pm snack and their car with the canoe is in the parking lot.

4. You go eat at one of the 4 restaurant and the waitress knows your name, what you order and recommends that this time you order the 16 ounce beer since your wife always drinks half the mug.

5. After you enter the restaurant you always meet someone that you know and usually just have them sit at your table.

6. You go to the city midnight fireworks display (it doesn't get dark until then) and find most of the town got there before you. You have to park a whole 3 blocks away!

7. You pass the fireworks store and find that theirs is the only parking lot completely full of cars. And what is funny...this store has arranged to assist with the clean-up of the beaches after everyone has shot off their fireworks.

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