Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Kodiak Outing

On our first week in Kodiak  after our long road trip,
we decided to take a drive...and get away from "the city".

So south to Chiniak we drove, 40 miles down the road.

And what did we find?


and Ducks

and well-fed Black-tail deer.

We stopped and strolled by the beach

and noticed eagles flying below our cliff.

And some above

Even the young ones were all around,

some coming so close and fast we could not focus.

Over a dozen were all around
and there was a reason they liked this beach so much....

Do you see the tail? 
Yes, a whale has beached and died, providing them with plenty of food.

And you would think that's enough for all. 
But something has caused the end of one eagle.

Perhaps it was the "swat" of a feeding bear, 
who was bothered by this one' pestering persistence.

So away we go, appreciating that not all is for us to control.

We might as well enjoy what we can see,
like this fox, trying to hunt right in front of us, along the road.

But, loosing sight of his quest,

he crosses the road

stops and stares,

and hopes we leave him alone, to feed his need.

And so we do and head back to town. 

Yes, it's just another day in Kodiak.


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