Monday, April 15, 2013

Rolling into Anchorage

We finally approach Anchorage as a surprise Spring storm has just ended.
The blowing snow is made more eire by the gray skies, while sun tries to come out from behind the clouds.

Then a peculiar rainbow appeared between the skies.
It never reached the ground and it disappeared into clouds above it.

There was a mirror-image rainbow on the other side of the sun.
The pattern lasted for at least 30 minutes.
As we made the turn away from Palmer and Wasilla, we left it behind so we can't really say how long it lasted.

Once we reached Anchorage, the weather report predicted another snow storm with 15 inches. We had no choice but to wait it out, since the ferry did not leave Whitier for Kodiak for another 2 days.

But as is often the case with weather reports, its was an exaggeration.
I would say there were only 4 inches of new snow that came down where we where.

However, we could tell what winter is really like on the Alaskan mainland.

The shoveled snow in some places reached about 2 feet below the margin of the Stop signs.

And, in some places, it was almost as high as a van in the driveway.

No need for a privacy fence to keep you from looking at your neighbors in Wintertime!

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