Friday, April 26, 2013

April whale watching

April is when the Gray Wales come past our shores.

"Illegals" they might be considered, 'cause off Mexico is where they's born.
But here in Kodiak we welcome their yearly visit, as if the return of friends or relatives.

So we wandered off, past Pasagshak bay, to Whale Pass, by Fossil beach.

And sat atop a cliff, watching 3 whales dive for over 30 minutes.
We saw 2 fishing boats coming towards them and wondered if they'd be scared off.

No. They the boats came and went, and there they stayed....
guess it was too good of a feeding spot to leave because of just  2 passing boats.

Well, if (as the joke goes) an elephant can sit wherever he darn pleases...
I guess three 50 foot, 40 ton whales can feed wherever they darn please, too !


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