Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally, we see & photograph our "moose"

As we said, we regret not stopping to see the half dozen moose we saw as we left Alaska near dawn in March.

On the whole trip down, we failed to see any...except for one in lower Canada.

And he was a "shy" one.
The moment we stopped, he went into the trees and froze perfectly sell, assuming we could not see him.

And we was, for practical purposes, right. Because if we had been aiming to shoot him with a gun, we would not have done it. He was hidden enough for us not to be able to tell where his heart and chest were.

On he other hand, on our return we found the "perfect moose" to photograph just outside of Haines Junction.

It's a little peculiar to see him next to a caribou, with huge racks, so early in the Spring.

Yes, you guessed it. It was a trick.
They are statues just outside a gas station, but they did get our attention and we did fill up with gas when we slowed to check them out.


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