Friday, April 5, 2013

Same things, once again

Today we drove from Whitecourt (outside of Edmonton, Alberta) to Fort Nelson, BC.
That's 537 miles, at 110 KPH max (68 MPH) when the snow and visibility would let you. Much of the time it was at 40 MPH.

Wish we could say things have changed a lot since last month.
But they have not.

There was a snow storm and the radio said not to get on the highway except for emergencies. We were 30 miles from the nearest city when we got reception and this news bulletin.

This is NOT a pic from last month. It is April 5th, 2013, outside of Grande Prairie.
Fortunate for us it was a 4 lane highway.
We made a single lane over the dividing white line.
There is an 18 wheeler about the distance between telephone poles ahead of us.
We've learned to "see" them because of the moving "cloud" of snow that trails them.
At night, it would be very dangerous. The moving snow completely hides their rear lights except for the top one, which can be seen about 100 feet away!

The temp was 6 degrees Fahrenheit when one headlight bulb blew.
Found one at the next city. But we must tell you: metals don't compress well at this temp.
The NAPA guy said it was really easy to change.
But I had to use my ever handy Kelly clamp to compress and remove the metal snap that held it in place.
My fingers just couldn't compress it.

We saw a little different wildlife.
Lots of deer in the fields in mid Alberta.
And a herd of about 20 elk on the side of the road.
Didn't take a picture because we saw them so late due to the snow's haze.
And there was one wolf.
But it sure looked "puny" compared to those in the "Twilight" movie series!

Tomorrow's goal is Whitehorse, in the Yukon.
560 miles up the 2 lane road.


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